20+ Awesome Long Distance Free Baby Shower 2021

A couple of months ago, I offered a baby shower to my sister. After it was all over, I was completely exhausted, but I threw a couple of pictures for the post: Baby Shower soon. Then this amazing thing happened. People started tweeting about it, someone posted it in Pinterest, it was re-created, and now I get traffic to my blog with search queries like “Set queue in the womb” and “pattern of uterine game”. So while I don’t want to become a crazy lady of the blog of sperm and uterus (too late), I don’t mind being a driving force to complete the ritual of boring nursery showers. So, here it is, the Rubyspikes Guide to organize a baby shower that doesn’t suck. (By the way, this link leads to one with all this blog post, plus some extra tips if you really want to do this and a template to create the coveted uterus. Always please.)

Purpose: To organize a party. Make it fun. Make people bring charming things to your baby and mom.

Task: Children’s souls can suck. No one wants to see a woman open in underwear, bottle sets and nipple cream for two hours. “No!!!

Co-Ed-men and women were invited (and told that the party would not suck).
All day: Our shower was from 11am to 6pm. People could come and go as a BBQ all day. Come and have some beers and some food. Leave a gift talk to Mom and dad. Take it off when you’re ready.
Extended Gifts: Guests were invited to bring their unpacked gifts and said that there would be no “mass unpacking”. We place gifts on the exhibition table so that all are destroyed, but without having to spend two hours without unpacking.
OPT-In Games: We had a lot of games with children’s themes, but they were all selected because they could be set up somewhere, and guests could choose to play if they wanted to play, and ignore them completely if they were not interested.

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