Crochet Bracelet Free Patterns For Summer and Spring New 2021

If you have excellent crochet skills, don’t limit it to scarves, hats, mittens or other winter warming items. There is so much to discover from this crochet art, just get new ideas and designs to take your crochet skill to the next level. And don’t worry, you don’t need to spend hours on the internet to do new things with crochet, we do it for you. So how about making yourself awesome free patterns bracelets? Yes, with some colorful crochet threads and crochet sticks, you can now make cool and fun looking DIY bracelets to enhance the beauty and style of your own look.





Red Heart® Mini™ (1.6 oz/45 g; 72 yds/66 m)
Rose Bud (9774)
Note: 1 ball makes approx 8 bracelets.
1 ball
Clipboard or tape.

A pretty diamond pattern is revealed as you weave your way towards completing a colorfully-crafted, friendship bracelet. On this kid-friendly pattern, you’ll learn the 4 key friendship bracelet knots and follow a diagram to create the featured look. Working in the worsted weight of Red Heart Mini yarn, your project will come together faster than if you were using embroidery floss. Each multi-shade ball has enough yarn to make 8 bracelets, so you can whip one up for your child and all her friends. This is a great activity to teach kids who’ve already learned the basics of making friendship bracelets.

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