20+ Free Summer Flower Crochet Bracelet Pattern New 2019

I just want to show you everything! Seriously, my dining table was full of Wips really interesting and I had to keep my lips closed. I worked on this project some time ago and I can finally tell you that, cheers!

A few months ago, I was selected to participate in the Hook Life Summer Hook series; A collection of original designs with original curs and summer oriented, celebrating manufacturers from around the world. What an honor to be the best among some of the most talented crochet and knit designers! Jessica Carey, founder of the corner Hook founder of Space in the Society of fiber, celebrates the singularity, remembers its value and makes a share and share some very good models. If you haven’t visited your blog, check out!

All right, go back to my design. You can understand that I am concentrated in Cape Town, which is now in the winter forests. Then, while I froze my fingers, I had my mind projected into a warm and sunny summer that all the people of the northern hemisphere boast of my inspiration for drawing. My favorite models until today are my spring stretch. I love this strange nature and all the beautiful flowers and then naturally something strange and flori had exactly what I needed for this design presentation. I know this is one of my first usable designs, so I have to follow my trip. Boho Summer flower Crochet bracelet Standard presentation!

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