Free Fast And Easy Afghan Crochet Blanket Patterns For Beginners 2021

Crochet is my great passion. But another great passion of mine is children’s books. After a large model sale last fall, we took half of our revenue and used it to buy children’s books for our local hospital. This came up with an idea – a crochet pattern collection inspired by children’s books.

I’m so excited to bring these two passions together in this series this year, the first is the crochet blanket!

In the first year of design, I used a new stitch to make me a huge crochet blanket called a blanket. I wanted to revise it with a much lighter yarn for a more delicate, heirloom style crochet baby blanket project.

When I started embroidering the stitch, I realized that it looks a lot like a knitted seed stitch. Since then I have been calling this blanket a seedling blanket!

On a trip to our local library, I noticed a lot of books on the table with outstanding books for newborns. When I thought of when my own son was just born, I never knew what to read to him. I usually read my old favorites but I would love to have these books when I was so young – and what a beautiful baby shower gift!




What you will need:

Throw measures 48” x 57½”.
Red Heart® With Love™: 3 skeins 1907 Boysenberry A,
1 skein each 1303 Aran B, 1538 Lilac C, 1541 Grape
Jam D, 1302 Caramel E, 1601 Lettuce F, and 1012 Black
Crochet Hook: 6mm [US J-10].
Yarn needle.
GAuGE: first square of center panel = 4” long x 3.5” wide.

Inspired by the graphic zig-zag patterns in popular Missoni designs, this beautiful throw is a striking addition to a neutral color scheme. Or, of course, you can change the colors to your own liking and needs.

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