Free Crochet Socks to Keep You Warm in Winter New 2021

Typically when we think of handmade socks we think of knit socks. However, thanks to excellent options for yarn, crochet hooks, and patterns, you can now make crocheted socks with just as much ease as knit socks. That’s right; you can make handmade socks that are warm, comfortable, and stylish using the craft of crochet. Today I’ll share some helpful tips about how to crochet socks with you. Plus I’ll share links to five free crochet sock patterns.

I’m one of those people whose feet are always cold, so socks are an absolute must for me at all times. Crocheting your own socks is a very rewarding experience. They’re really not as hard as you might think! If you’ve ever wondered how to crochet socks, then you’ve come to the right place.

Many, although certainly not all, crocheted socks are made to be worn as what is known as slipper socks. These are house socks that you wouldn’t necessarily wear to go out shopping but something that you put on when you are around the house to keep your feet warm. That said, there are some terrific crocheted sock patterns for wearing outside with your shoes on, too.




What you will need:

RED HEART® Dreamy™: 1 ball
8311 Ivory
Susan Bates® Knitting
Needles: 4.5mm [US 7]
double-pointed needles
(set of 5), 5mm [US 8] double
pointed needles (set of 5)
Stitch marker, waste yarn,
yarn needle.
GAUGE: 18 sts = 4″ [10 cm];
24 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in
Stockinette stitch (knit on
right side, purl on wrong side)
with smaller needles. 15 sts =
4″ [10 cm]; 23 rows = 4″
[10 cm] in Garter Rib pattern
with larger needles. CHECK
YOUR GAUGE. Use any size
needles to obtain the gauge.

Soothe your senses and relax with these oh-so-heavenly knit socks. Begin this work by stitching in Red Heart Dreamy for a soft brushed effect using only 1 ball of Ivory color yarn. Or, give them pizazz with a more vivacious shade that inspires your spirit. Ease them on instead of slippers, or enjoy the comfort as you fight off a cold or flu.

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