Crochet Pillow Free Patterns For Home Decoration New 2021

Crochet pillow patterns offer you an easy way to change up the entire decor of a room. While some crochet pillows are designed to be stuffed with a pillow form and then seamed shut, many are designed as removable pillow covers that can be easily washed and switched out from season to season. Depending on your decor style, you may want to crochet pillows that are colorful or neutral, fancy or plain, textured or smooth, square or round (or some other shape entirely). These ten free crochet pillow patterns showcase a range of styles for different homes.

There are very few things out there that everyone loves. While there are groups of people who have things in common, there are so many different and dissenting interests. One universal love is pillows. Make a crochet pillow to snuggle up with.

Crochet a nice set of throw pillows or even floor pillows for entertaining or relaxing. These free crochet pillow patterns are so easy to make and you can stitch them right up from your computer screen.

Everyone loves cozy crochet pillows. They’re comforting, stylish and add a touch of personality to every room. Liven up your space with a simple pillow crochet pattern.




Bernat® Blanket™ (10 oz/300 g; 220 yds/201 m)
Contrast A Coal (10040) 1 ball or 175 yds/160 m
Contrast B Vintage White (10006) 1 ball or 165 yds/151 m
Contrast C Malachite (10802) 1 ball or 110 yds/101 m
Size U.S. 10½ (6.5 mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain
gauge. 24″ [61 cm] square pillow form. 1 button.

This intermediate knit pillow is worked up in a mosaic knitting technique which involves using slip stitching to change colors while following a mosaic chart. The dramatic color changes make this a fun project to make and keep!

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