Crochet Hoodie

Baby Crochet Hoodie For Bear Ears Free Pattern

Baby Crochet Hoodie For Bear Ears Free Pattern
Let’s make a cute crochet hoodie for kids. The free crochet hoodies pattern can be used in all seasons. Those with small children should always be prepared. Be sure to keep this crochet pattern hoodie in your bag. Get information about the details and materials used by looking at the designer notes.

Dear followers, the starting point of the hoodie crochet patterns free is the collar. We will start from the collar and work our way down. During this process, we will also make the arms. Front and back visible cross stitch skips are a practical way to change the direction of the stitches. Read the designer notes to learn how. After making the hood, add the crochet teddy bear ears and complete the pattern. Do your work according to the thread color that children like. You can find seasonal ideas by visiting our other categories.



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