Crochet Cardigan

Crochet Block Stitch Cardigan Free Pattern

crochet block stitch cardigan free pattern (2)
It might be a great idea to make a colorful crochet block stitch cardigan. Even though we don’t use it in the summer, we will need this crochet cardigan in a few months. This crocheted block stitched cardigan, which you will enjoy wearing in autumn, will make you feel comfortable. The seams on the sleeves and the bottom edges of the cardigan will keep it neater. It has become a useful hijab with its side pockets. You can adjust the length of the cardigan as you wish, but I think it is long enough as it is. Since this crocheted cardigan was liked very much, I wanted to present it to you. I hope you will enjoy making and using it. Keep following me and reading my articles for more easy crochet cardigan sweater patterns.



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