Crochet Cardigan

Granny Square Hexagon Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern

Granny Square Hexagon Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern (2)
This unique crochet granny square cardigan you see is made by sewing two hexagons together. Those who love crochet hexagon cardigan will love this. If you like to wear something light in autumn, this hexagon crochet cardigan is for you. You can do it with or without a hoodie. The subject of color is of course limitless, you can either use the color tones of autumn or blend Christmas colors to wear in the new year. It is a wonderful crochet hexagon cardigan pattern that will look amazing in any color. After completing your cardigan, you can make it more functional by making a pocket from a granny square. As you can see, it is up to you to add or remove features to your cardigan as you wish. Now let’s examine how to make this crochet cardigan step by step below.



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