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Scalloped Crochet Bralette Top Free Pattern

scalloped crochet bralette top free pattern (2)
The crochet bralette top that you will love to use this summer comes to your home with a detailed step by step tutorial video. You can make this wonderful crochet bralette pattern with the video tutorial where you will watch the instructions in detail. It is a wonderful crochet bralette top pattern that you can work with any color and yarn you want. This crochet bralette is designed in xs and xl sizes. You can also use this as a bikini top if you wish. At this point, it would be better to choose quick-drying threads.

Free crochet bralette pattern tutorial

This gorgeous crochet bralette you see is scalloped and open at the middle. It is very easy to use with its tying threads from the back and neck. It is a very suitable pattern for use at the beach or at a concert in the summer. You can easily make the pattern step by step by watching the video tutorial now. I believe this year will be the year of the crochet bralette.




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