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12 Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns For Ladies

12 free crochet cardigan patterns for ladies-2
I brought you beautiful free crochet cardigan patterns for women. You will be both stylish and comfortable this fall. Easy and beginner level crochet cardigan patterns that you can make when you are bored in the summer are waiting for you. Whether it’s a long crochet cardigan or a crochet cropped cardigan. You can work for whichever you like. You can now examine these magnificent crochet cardigan patterns in detail below.

Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns

I realized I haven’t shared free crochet cardigan patterns in a long time. Here I brought a bunch of beautiful crocheted cardigans for you. I’m sure you’ll love these cardigan crochet patterns. It is very enjoyable to use a handmade crocheted cardigan. If you haven’t tried it before, you should definitely make one for yourself. I know, once you start, more will follow. You’ll want to make them all and place them in your closet. Here are 12 different crochet cardigan patterns for you below. Check them all out and find the cardigan that suits you.

Crochet summer cardigan pattern

This crochet summer cardigan you have seen is an extremely easy pattern. It just consists of two equal rectangles and you make the arms. Since it is lightweight, you can protect yourself from cool weather by wearing it in spring.

crochet summer cardigan pattern

Oversized crochet cropped cardigan

Again, the oversized crochet cropped cardigan that you can wear in spring looks perfect. It is designed for you to use comfortably with your denim skirts or shorts. If you are new to crocheting, this is one of the cardigans you should definitely try.

oversized crochet cropped cardigan

Patchwork crochet cardigan

This great looking patchwork crochet cardigan is waiting for you with a diagram and training video that shows you in detail how to make it. Those who love such lively and colorful crochet cardigan will love this cardigan. As you can see the buttons of your cardigan, it is up to you to personalize it by adding different buttons. At the same time, since it is a patchwork cardigan, you can wear a few different accessories on your cardigan.

patchwork crochet cardigan

Crochet short sleeve long cardigan

The vest like long crochet short sleeve cardigan design is different from others and useful. You can wear it in the evenings in such hot weather. This crochet cardigan has short sleeves and the back is slightly longer than the front. I really liked this design.

crochet short sleeve long cardigan

Beginner crochet cardigan

It is a special beginner crochet cardigan pattern that I can say is almost a single piece. Since there are not many stitches, I don’t think you will have much difficulty. A video tutorial explaining each step in detail will help you. Complete this cardigan this summer and it will definitely be ready for fall.

beginner crochet cardigan

Crochet cardigan sweater

This poncho looking crochet cardigan sweater will be suitable for those looking for a different design. If you are thinking of a summer crochet cardigan, you can use it comfortably because it has a light structure. You can feel comfortable all day long by wearing it over your mini shorts.

crochet cardigan sweater

Tunisian crochet cardigan

If you are familiar with the Tunisian sewing technique, this tunisian crochet cardigan may be suitable for you. Those who like the Tunisian technique will like this cardigan as it has a different texture. Many details such as the Tunisian technique and how to change colors will be taught to you in detail in this crochet cardigan pattern instruction.

tunisian crochet cardigan

Raglan style crochet hooded cardigan

Here is a beautiful crochet hooded cardigan pattern designed for those who love long crocheted cardigans. This crocheted hooded cardigan, made from top to bottom in raglan style, can be made in 5 different sizes. After completing your cardigan, you can add a hood or use it without a hood.

raglan style crochet hooded cardigan

Crochet bobble cardigan pattern

Spend the winter comfortably with this oversized crochet duster cardigan. The texture of this long crocheted cardigan made with bubble stitches looks very cool. This cardigan consists of a large rectangle. If you want a cardigan that is so comfortable that I don’t even feel like it will wrap you around me nicely, I can say that this cardigan is designed exactly for you.

crochet bobble cardigan pattern

Hooded crochet hexagon cardigan

This hooded crochet hexagonal cardigan, which starts by making 2 equal hexagons, fascinates with its traditional appearance. For ease of follow-up, we explain step by step how to make this hooded crochet hexagon cardigan with video and detailed pictures.

hooded crochet hexagon cardigan

Easy crochet cardigan pattern

This cardigan will be suitable for those who want an easy and useful cardigan.

easy crochet cardigan pattern

Crochet ribbed cardigan pattern

Again, we have a wonderful crocheted ribbed cardigan pattern made with a Tunisian crochet technique. I can say that it is the best crocheted cardigan to be made with minimal stitching. You can easily adjust the size of your cardigan. Because there is no need to count too much. I can say that the cardigan almost completes itself.

crochet ribbed cardigan pattern




  1. Miss Mahtab
    July 24, 2020 at 2:26 am

    Adorable crochet design. It’s really amazing and a creative look to crochet lovers.

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