30+ Free How To Blend Milani Bella Gel Powder Eyeshadow 2021


I usually in the eyes of a pharmacy (except colored tattoos Maybelline). I swear I’m not snetti, I just tried those that never impressed me. Of course, there are always exceptions, and I have a fraction of the palettes Wet N ‘ Wild and a few bright faint shades, but these are not the only ones I reach daily. When I approach the eye shadows, I like my (not hidden) palettes with the beautiful “High-End “. I love the packaging (< <, one) and I love the internal color guides. And, yes, some serious Moolah, but good pallets will probably carry last forever. So many years. I think the money is well spent.

A bit of a loser in the world of Milanese beauty. I get a little bit of love here and there, but I don’t hear that it’s almost as mentioned in standard brands such as Revlon and L ‘ Oreal. And yet I am constantly impressed with the Miani products. I, lipstick, glitter and eye-sockets-all this is fantastic.

It brings me to the Scouts of Bell’s gel. With a price of $4 apiece (and a crazy big color choice), there are a few serious competitors for this, which currently picks my best eyeshadow. Naturally, I chose a lot of neutral shades (I never embarrass you, do I?) and I created a little of my own mini-pallet.

Before talking to shadows, let’s talk about texture. The name “Gel eyeshadow” threw me on the loop. I was expecting something more… Wet? They make me feel like a normal dry shade, but these kids just beg to get wet. Fix a little MAC + and a flickering shadow? Luuuhhhvley. Of course, they also have good wearing options well but dry.

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